Trading Fee
Trading on Derify protocol requires trading fee.
Trading fees are used in 4 ways: filling insurance pool, broker reward, position mining reward and token buyback fund.
Trading fees will be distributed as follows:
Insurance Pool & Buyback
Broker Rewards
Position Mining Rewards

Token Buyback Fund

40% of the trading fee income will be injected into the insurance pool. The overflow of the insurance pool has been used as a buyback fund for the repurchase of bonds and DRF tokens. Bonds are initiated by users and can be repurchased at any time.
Rules for DRF token buyback:
  • Take the DRF price on DEX (PancakeSwap or other leading decentralized exchanges) at 12:00 a.m. UTC every Monday, and record it in the snapshot
  • If the price of the snapshot
    is lower than the price of the previous snapshot
    , the DRF buyback operation will be automatically executed immediately. The buyback operation will cease until the DRF price of the DEX is greater than or equal to the price of the snapshot
    CPt1 CP_{t-1}
    , or the buyback fund balance is 0
  • The buyback is completed, and
    price is updated to the latest price
The token buyback is governed by smart contracts. All DRF bought from token buyback will be transfer to a smart contract, not allowed to withdraw and destroyed forever.
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