Trading Fee

Trading on Derify protocol requires trading fee.

Trading fees are used in 4 ways: filling insurance pool, broker reward, position mining reward and token buyback fund.

Trading fees will be distributed as follows:

Token Buyback Fund

40% of the trading fee will be injected into the insurance pool. The overflow of the insurance pool has been used as a buyback fund for the repurchase of bonds and DRF tokens. Bonds are initiated by users and can be repurchased at any time.

Rules for DRF token buyback:

  • If the Margin Token is DRF, then the remaining balance of the buyback fund is directly burned

    1. The balance of the buyback fund is zero

    2. The price slippage exceeds the threshold

The buyback fund is controlled by a smart contract and is executed automatically, with its balance being non-withdrawable. The DRF obtained from the buyback will be directly sent to the "black hole" address and burned.

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