Trading Fee
Trading on Derify protocol requires trading fee.
Trading fees are used in 4 ways: filling insurance pool, broker reward, position mining reward and token buyback fund.
Trading fees will be distributed as follows:
Insurance Pool & Buyback
Broker Rewards
Position Mining Rewards

Token Buy-back Fund

If the insurance pool is filled, its over flow can be used to buyback our tokens. Insurance pool will be used in this order: profit payout, bond payout, buyback payout.
Rules for token buyback:
  • Every ETH block heights that can be divided by 50000, are defined as check points.
  • The system record the DRF price on Uniswap at each check point.
  • CPtCP_t
    is the record taken at each check point
  • If the price in
    is lower than
    , then the token buyback will automatically be executed, until the DRF price surpass the price in
    , unless the buyback fund is depleted.
  • The price of
    would be readjusted to latest price after the buyback.
The token buyback is governed by smart contracts. All DRF bought from token buyback will be transfer to a smart contract, not allowed to withdraw and destroyed forever.
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