bDRF Token
Bond token bDRF can be used to exchange stable coins's at 1:1 rate. It also generates interest to the holder and can be traded on external markets.[1]
There are 2 ways to get original bDRF:
  • The insurance pool is unable to pay off profit when a user close positions, bDRF will be issued to the user.
  • Buy bDRF from external market.
bDRF can be staked in interest pools to receive interests.
For every bDRF token staked for at least
blocks, stake-holder will receive
bDRF. During clearance, the staked amount of bDRF at current and last check point will be compared and the lower will qualify as valid staked amount. Rewards will be distributed in next epoch.
bDRF holders must stake at least 100 bDRF once staking in the interest pool.
After converted into stable coins, used bDRF will be transfer to a smart contract, not allowed to withdraw and destroyed forever.
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