2021.Q1 Project Start

  • Whitepaper V1 is released
  • Receive several hundred thousand Seed Investment
  • Development started

2021.Q3 Complete Alpha

  • Development of Alpha version is finished
  • Alpha version endures 10,000+ testing cases.
  • Participate in Solana Hackathon and winning prize in Asian region

2021.Q4 Beta and Global Release

  • Development of Beta version
  • Start Beta testing
  • Start recruiting Genesis Brokers globally
  • New PE rounds open
  • Start of community building

2022.Q2 Official Release

  • Beta testnet is closed
  • IDO and public sale
  • Deciding the multi chain/cross chain tech solution
  • optimize the smart contracts,
  • start the genesis mining

2022.Q4 Derify 2.0

  • Achieve cross-chain compatibility for multiple chains
  • Adding new functions like mixed margins
  • Adding new deivative products
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