Derify Protocol Documents


2021.Q1 & Q2 Project Start

  • Whitepaper V1 was released
  • Received several hundred thousand Seed Investment
  • Development started

2021.Q3 & Q4 Alpha and Testnet

  • Development of Alpha version was finished
  • Participated in Solana Hackathon and winning prize in Asian region
  • Started Beta testing
  • Start of community building

2022.Q1 & Q2 IDO

  • Launched IDO and began DRF token release in DEX
  • DRF staking started
  • Launched DAO v0.1
  • Recruited brokers
  • Started code auditing

2022.Q3 & Q4 Mainnet Release

  • Derify 1.0 Mainnet launched on BNB Chain
  • UI 2.0 release
  • 2 million $DRF Airdrop for early testnet users and genesis brokers
  • DAO v0.3 released for community governance

2023. Q1 & Q2 Version 2.0

  • $DRF token buyback & burn
  • Derify 2.0 mainnet launch
  • Derify 2.0 supports many BEP-20 assets as margin for perpetuals& Q4 Version2.2

2023. Q3 & Q4 Version2.2

  • Finish a new security audit
  • Derify 2.2 mainnet launch

2024. Q1 & Q2 Build the ecosystem

  • Closely cooperate with different protocols in the BNB ecosystem
  • Deploy Derify on other networks (Polygon, Arbitrum, ZK,BTC Layer2, etc.)
  • List $DRF on more DEXs & CEXs

2024. Q3 & Q4 Upgrade the token economics

  • Upgrade the token economics of $eDRF
  • Upgrade the token economics of $DRF
  • Support more assets on different chains
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