DAO Governance

The Derify Protocol core team is a believer in the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Most decisions for the Derify Protocol will be directly handed over to the community to determine, including adjustments to system parameters, use of the ECO fund, revisions to mining rules, and more. To ensure efficiency, in the early stages, we still retain the core team to carry out the most fundamental project research, iteration, and operation work.

For DAO governance procedures and methodology, please refer to https://docs.derify.finance/derify-dao/overview

We commit that, in the future, foundational tasks will also gradually transit to the community, ultimately achieving DAO community self-governance.

In special circumstances, if the content of a proposal is to "terminate a proposal that is in the process of being implemented" and the vote passes, the vetoed proposal will be terminated. If not, all proposals that pass the vote will be strictly implemented according to the voting results.

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