Grant is a powerful feature that Derify 2.0 offers to the whole Crypto Ecosystem. For those who listed their token as Margin Token on Derify, you can initiate a Grant to incentivize users to eagerly particiapate in trading. In the dropdown menu of the Dashboard, you can find the "Grant List".

Click on "+" to initiate the Grant.

You can choose 1 of 3 types of Grant events each time, Position Mining, Trading Competition, and Broker. Trading Competition is to incentivize users to trade with the settled Grant rewards, and Position Mining is additional rewards for users who hold positions using a specific Margin Token. Broker is the additional reward for Brokers who attract traders using specific Margin Token on our platform.

The example exhibited here is Position Mining. Grant Days is the length of the Grant event you like to set up. Cliff Days mean when you want the Grant event started. For instance, a total of 10,000 $DRF will be rewarded to those who hold positions in USDT as Margin Token. The Grant event will last 10 days and start 7 days afterward.

Click "Confirm" to execute.

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