Our Vision

Derify is dedicated to becoming a decentralized derivatives protocol that is created, operated, and shared by DAO


Organization Chart

Our DAO consists of the Governance Committee (management layer), Decision-Making Committee (decision-making layer), and Execution Committee (execution layer). We will continue to enrich and improve the organization structure according to DAO development and community feedback so that our DAO can better promote the Derify Protocol

Governance Committee

Role & Responsibility

Acting as the brain of the entire DAO, the Governance Committee formulates the management, execution, and decision-making rules for the DAO. The rules are ultimately submitted to the Decision-making Committee in the form of proposals. Once voted on and approved, the Execution Committee implements them


Currently composed of the project's founding team, conditions will be set in the later stages to gradually incorporate community members for collective participation

Management Rule

Members of the Governance Committee will be elected based on their level of participation in the project, as well as conditions such as the amount of $DRF held and the volume of eDRF burned. Specific rules will be supplemented in the future

Decision-Making Committee

Role & Responsibility

The DAO decision-making level decides and judges various proposals (initiated by the Governance Committee/community members).


All community members with voting rights (eDRF) can participate

Management Rule

Leverage eDRF and use Snapshot (https://snapshot.org/#/derify.eth) to vote. Specific rules refer to each detailed proposal

Obtain Voting Rights

To get eDRF, please check https://docs.derify.finance/about-derify/governance#how-to-get-edrf

Execution Committee

Role & Responsibility

Carry out the work developed by the organization


Open to the community. We’ll set different roles and recruit talents from the community according to the job requirements.

Management Rule

Refer to the corresponding requirement(s) and evaluation standard(s) of each execution task, and detailed rules are listed here.

Discussion Zone:

If you're interested in DAO-related topics, you can join our Discord

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