DAO Contributor

All community members are welcome to apply to become contributors to the DAO, jointly participating in the construction and promotion of the Derify and its products


Role & Responsibility

  • Obtain Broker License and license extension via burning eDRF (how to get eDRF, broker tutorial)

  • Promote your broker code or promotion link, and encourage your users to bind your broker code and become your users

  • You can create your own community and provide product guidance, market analysis, Q&A, and other services for your users

Evaluation Standard

If the following misbehaviors occurred, the community has the right to disqualify your broker privilege through voting

  • Use the Derify product to commit fraud and other criminal acts

  • Acts that maliciously damage the Derify brand image

  • Other acts that violate the law or cause malicious harm to Derify

Incentive Rule

  • Obtain benefits of the permanent binding from your user relationship. Once the relationship between you and your users is bound, it cannot be tampered with. You can permanently share the income with Derify Protocol such as trading fees generated by the transactions made from your users

  • Get 30% of the trading fee as income from your users, across all trading pairs and tokens (you must have the Broker License)

  • Get additional DRF rewards (you must have the Broker License)

Margin Token Advisor

Role & Responsibility

  • Develop client relationships with the entities that request Margin Token listing, offering support in areas such as token listing, trading activities, and market promotions

  • Have a deep understanding of Derify's product mechanisms and rules

  • A certain amount of DRF must be locked to obtain advisor status and code. Click the link to apply

Evaluation Standard

The Governance Committee remains the right to revoke Advisor's qualification if any of the following misbehavior occurred:

  • Inability to continue performing their duties

  • Engaging in fraudulent or other criminal activities using the Derify product

  • Malicious actions that harm the Derify image.

  • Any other illegal, cheating, or malicious actions that harm Derify's reputation

Incentive Rule

Margin Advisors can earn the following incentives based on the Margin Tokens they are responsible for:

  • 50% commission on Margin Token listing fees

  • 50% commission on Trading Token listing fees

  • 50% performance reward on the number of DRF burned from buybacks of the Margin Token they are responsible for (from the community fund)

  • Others

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