Close Positions

In My Position, you can manually close your positions.

Click the "Close" button to open the pop-up screen for closing.

You can set the amount or percentage of the position to be closed.

Click "Confirm" and confirm in the wallet to close your positions.

You can also set take profit/stop loss orders for individual positions, just like doing on CEX apps.

Click ✏️ in Take Profit or Stop Loss

You can easily set your desired TP/SL price, while also previewing the estimated profit/loss.

Click "Confirm" to confirm the setting (need wallet confirmation).

You can also close all your existing positions at once - "CLOSE ALL"

After clicking the "CLOSE ALL" button, a confirmation screen will pop up, click "Confirm" to close all positions with market price and fees (need wallet confirmation).

For all your pending Limit Orders, you can check the "My Order" section.

Click the "CANCEL" button to cancel the order (need wallet confirmation).

You can also cancel all your limited orders only by clicking "CANCEL ALL"

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