eDRF Token

DRF holder can stake DRF to mint eDRF.

Each DRF staked for 24 hours can mint 1 eDRF.

eDRF can be freely exchanged and traded in the secondary market.

eDRF can be used via burning. The burning pool is a smart contract with a public address, eDRF can only be deposited to the address but cannot be withdrawn from it. All used eDRF will be transferred to a smart contract, and not allowed to withdraw. In other words, burned eDRF are destroyed forever.

Typical use cases of eDRF include: obtaining and maintaining broker privilege, community voting, etc.

The supply of eDRF is infinite, but broker maintenance and community voting require a large sum of eDRFs, thus eDRF will always have a fair price on the market (though its price may rise before important community votes).

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