eDRF Token
DRF holder can staking DRF to get eDRF.
For every DRF token staked for at least
blocks (as each epoch), stake-holder will receive 1 eDRF. During clearance, the staked amount of DRF at current and last check point will be compared and the lower will qualify as valid staked amount. Rewards will be distributed in next epoch.
is the average block productivity in Ethereum network every 24 hours (current estimation is 6500). If the block production speed on Ethereum main net changed significantly, the number is a changeable constant and can be adjusted via DAO community voting.
eDRF can be freely traded or priced on external markets.
eDRF can be used via burning. The burning pool is a smart contract with public address, eDRF can only be deposited to the address but cannot be withdrawn from it. All used eDRF will be transfer to a smart contract, not allowed to withdraw and destroyed forever.
Typical uses cases of eDRF include: obtain and maintain broker privilege, community voting, etc.
eDRF's supply is infinite, but broker maintenance and community voting requires large sum of eDRFs, thus eDRF will always have an fair price on the market (though its price may rise before important community votes).
In general, staking DRF and generating eDRF can be profitable, and will reduce the circulation of DRF token in the market.
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