Trading Token

Which tokens can be listed on Derify?

Theoretically, any index for which an Oracle (such as Chainlink) can provide pricing can be listed as a Trading Token. For more details, please check the Trading Token application page

What is the process for listing a new Trading Token?

Which trading tokens to list is determined by the entity responsible for listing that particular Margin Token. To list more tokens, one can either apply online directly or consult with the Margin Token advisor

Under what circumstances will a Trading Token be delisted?

  • When the Trading Token experiences a liquidity crisis, making its price easy to manipulate

  • When the entity responsible for listing the Margin Token requests to delist it

  • Other situations that might pose significant risks to the system

What impact will delist a Trading Token have on users?

After a Trading Token is delisted, it will no longer be displayed on the page and its price will remain fixed at the moment of delisting without any further changes. Users can close their existing positions for that Trading Token, but opening new positions and other functionalities will no longer be supported

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