DRF Token

Derify Protocol minted three types of tokens: the platform token DRF, the staking equity token eDRF, and the bond token bToken

DRF token is the fundamental token of the Derify Protocol.

DRF holders are the owners and governors of the Derify Protocol (by minting eDRF Token to participate in protocol governance)

The total supply of DRF is 100,000,000 tokens. DRF will be distributed as follows




Locking / Vesting Rules

Founder Team


Founder Team and Advisors

0.15% daily release, start from 300 days after listed on exchange

PE Investors


Private sale to PE investors

10% release at first day listed on exchange, 0.3% daily afterwards (Subjects to negotiation with different class of investors)

Public Sale


Public auction/listing and created initial liquidity in the market

Direct in circulation

Strategic Reserve


Reserved for strategic cooperation and resources, disclosed at monthly report

As the case maybe

Community Fund


Reserved for community growth. Including: Position Mining rewards, broker rewards, liquidity rewards, airdrop, governance system building and developer ecosystem building, etc.

Unlock by community resolution

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