Connect Wallet
Enter the exchange page, click "Connect Wallet" on top-right corner.
Choose "BSC Testnet" in the pop-up window (only for beta testnet, after mainnet launch, Ethereum mainnet will be in that place). Then choose "Metamask" wallet that supports the network (currently we only support Metamask wallet).
Confirm your choice of network in the pop-up window to connect. (You need to click both of them and it will automatically connect, if not responding, deselect and try again).
After successful connection, the Connect Wallet button will show your wallet address.
If the above info is shown, you are successfully connected to Derify exchange.
When next time you visit Derify Protocol, if the correct network is chosen, the wallet will automatically connect to the network.
If you find yourself with wrong network, just switch to the correct one.
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