Apply For Broker License & License Extention

Before you applied for broker, please ensure you are Derify user. If not, please complete the below steps first, a."Connect Wallet" b."Choose Broker" Afterwards, you can start applying for broker.

Apply For the Broker Privilege

Click "Broker",Click "Join us to be a BROKER !"

Click "Confirm"

Confirm through MetaMask

Fill out the Broker's Info, and then click "Confirm"

Broker application completed

Extend Broker Privilege

Click "Renew"

Input the amount of eDRF, then click "Burn eDRF"

Confirm with your MetaMask

Broker Privilege Expiration now turns to 99 days

*Note that you can find your broker code under your broker's name. In this case, the broker code: ui2tutorial

Now you can share your broker’s link to your community and invite users to come and trade. Part of trading fees for users who joined Derify via your broker’s link become your commissions. You can also send your broker’s code to users and ask them to manually join Derify via your broker’s code.

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