$DRF Contract Address (BNB Chain)


$DRF Tokenomics

$DRF value support comes from "buy-back & burn" and staking. For details, please refer to the Tokenomics on the whitepaper.

Where can I use $DRF?

  1. Staking $DRF to mint eDRF for free, which can be used for governance voting and more. For details, please refer to eDRF & Governance

  2. Locking up $DRF grants you the credential to become Margin Advisor. For more information, please refer to the introduction of Margin Advisor

  3. $DRF can be used as a prize pool token for initiating Grant events

  4. Act as collateral to participate in perpetual trading

  5. Used for service purchases including but not limited to margin token listing, trading token listing, service discount, etc

  6. New benefits are rolling out...

$DRF - Principles of Usage

  1. Token usage and release are according to the rules of the white paper. Any additional usage will be updated promptly and announced to the community.

  2. Unused tokens will be locked up (for later usage) or directly burned. Corresponding news will be announced here.

  3. In the later stage, the use of community funds will be decided upon by the DAO

Purchase $DRF

You can purchase $DRF or provide liquidity for $DRF to get yield farming rewards

ChannelChannel TypePurchase AddressYield Farming




Staking $DRF, you can mint the same amount of eDRF every day. Through eDRF, you gain the rights to participate in the DAO (brokers, broker development, assessment, evaluation, etc.) and voting rights in governance. Click here to stake $DRF

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