Margin Token

Which assets does the system support as collateral?

Theoretically, Derify Protocol can support various fungible tokens as collateral for perpetual future trading, such as ERC20/BEP20. A list of currently supported collaterals is displayed on the product page.

What value can Derify bring to the Margin Token?

Earning Coins: Token holders can use their Margin Token as collateral for perpetual future trading. By leveraging and opening long or short positions, they aim to earn more of that Margin Token.

Staking to Earn Interest: Token holders can use their Marigin token as collateral to open and hold positions in the long term (2-way, long, short), earning steady interest from position mining.

Increase the number of Token Holders: Promotion and exposure through the Derify community can attract more potential users to purchase and hold the Margin Token for perpetual future trading.

Market Capitalization Management: Transaction fees, net trading losses, and position mining (staking) act as deflationary tools for the Marigin Token. This can assist the project team of the Margin Token in managing its market value.

What are the prerequisites to becoming a Margin Token on Derify?

  1. The token needs to be issued and circulated on a chain supported by Derify (e.g., BNB Chain)

  2. The token needs to have liquidity on the DEX (like Pancake, Apeswap, etc.) of the respective chain (typically, the liquidity pool depth should not be less than 10,000 USD)

  3. A certain technical service fee must be paid to Derify

  4. After listing, a deposit to open an initial position on Derify is required (generally, tokens valued at no less than 10,000 USD). -> For providing initial liquidity

  5. For other prerequisites, please consult with the Margin Advisor

What is the process for listing a collateral type?

  1. Submit the application.

  2. Once approved, a Margin Advisor will get in touch with you.

  3. Pay the listing fee.

  4. After payment is completed, the Margin Token listing will be done in 1 business day.

  5. Deposit a certain amount of Margin Token (no less than 10,000 USD) and open a position, providing initial liquidity.

How many trading pairs are available for a newly listed Margin Token? How to add more trading pairs?

The newly listed Marin Token defaults to two trading pairs: BTC/USD and ETH/USD. To list more trading pairs, you can apply online or consult with a Margin Advisor.

In what circumstances will a Margin Token be delisted?

A Margin Token may be officially delisted under any of the following circumstances:

  1. The Margin Token has no liquidity on DEX (less than 1,000 USD).

  2. The Margin Token is suspected of illegal or criminal activities.

  3. The applicant requests for delisting.

  4. Other reasonable situations.

What impact will the delisting of a Margin Token have on users?

After the delisting of a Margin Token, users can close positions and withdraw. The platform will no longer support functions like deposit, opening position, limit order triggering, and liquidation.

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