Derify Protocol Documents


What is Broker?

Brokers are key members of the Derify community. Brokers can have their own exchange through Derify Protocol, operating their own communities, and organizing their community members to trade on their own exchange.

What are the rewards for Broker?

Brokers can mainly get the following three sources of income:
  1. 1.
    30% of the trading fee generated by their users
  2. 2.
    Additional DRF token rewards based on transaction volume generated by their users. Reward details are determined by community proposals and voting
  3. 3.
    Broker Leadership Award, Additional DRF Tokens. Award details are determined by community proposals and voting

How can I become a Broker?

Burning 60,000 eDRF tokens can get you broker privilege, and continuing to burn eDRF can extend your broker privilege (600 eDRF/day). If Broker's privilege is expired, he/she will not be able to get any rewards. For tutorial, please refer to:

How does broker promote his/her code?

Brokers can promote their broker codes or promotion links in their communities. New users can log in directly through the promotion link or manually bind the broker code to become broker's user, creating continuous revenue for the broker.

What is the Broker Leadership Score and what are the benefits?

Broker Leadership Score is an evaluation standard for measuring broker's leadership. It evaluates broker's performance through team cooperations rather than heroism. For details: