What is a Broker for Derify protocol?

Brokers are key members of the Derify protocol community, they have own exchanges, own communities, and organize members of their own community to trade on their exchanges.

What are the rewards for a Broker?

Brokers will earn the trading fees from Derify protocol, in exchange for their services provided to their traders. There are also community campaigns and rewards for Brokers with great performance.

What is an independent exchange?

Independent exchanges are exchanges owned by Brokers, they share the same liquidity pool, insurance pool and buyback fund with other exchanges, all based on Derify protocol.
Currently, we offer same layout for different exchanges, Brokers can own their own address, own logos for their respective exchange in the future.
Transactions from different Brokers will be identified for the correct calculation of trading fee rewards.

How can I become a Broker?

You can stake DRF token for eDRF token, then pay (burn) to become a Broker.
Currently, Broker positions are not open for public applications. Candidates who want to be Broker can apply privately via our official community channels, special delegates of our core team will review your applications.
In the future, we will openly recruit Brokers, you can then apply to be a Broker on your own.
Last modified 6mo ago