What is a Contributor for Derify protocol?

Those who participate in community discussions, contribute to the community growth and help various community activities.

What are the rewards for a Contributor?

For all Contributor, we will provide various DRF token rewards.

How can I become a Contributor?

Everyone can become a Contributor.
However, follow and subscribe our official accounts on Twitter, Discord and Telegram will help you receive latest news and development of the project.

How can I participate in community governance?

We will publish all draft, proposal and motions for discussion. Joining the discuss is a form to participate in governance.
If you want to influence a motion, you may vote your eDRF to support the motion you like.

What are the suggestions and decisions I could make?

There's no restriction, you can make any suggestions and drafts. If your draft gathered enough eDRF votes for support, a suggestion will become a proposal and later a motion.
All decisions are made by voting, thus the best way to participate in decision making is to use your eDRF and vote!

How to vote for proposals?

You can check and vote for proposals on our governance platform.
The governance platform will be launched soon.

How to stake DRF for eDRF tokens?

You can stake the DRF token on our governance platform, you can simply stake your DRF token and receive eDRF automatically.
You can claim and use your eDRF freely.

Where can I see all decisions made by the community?

You can find all proposals and decisions made by the community on our governance platform.
The governance platform will be launched soon.
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