What is bDRF bond token?

bDRF bond token is a stable coin that trades 1:1 with other stable coins, (DAI、USDC、USDT), differences are:
  1. 1.
    bDRF can be traded for stable coins at 1:1 rate if the buyback fund is not depleted; if depleted, you need to wait until the buyback pool to restore its value.
  2. 2.
    You can stake bDRF for additional bDRF token as interest.
bDRF can be traded freely, even on external markets, so you can sold them on external markets if you are satisfied with the price.

How can I get interest from the bond?

We will launch the bond interest pool in the future, where you can stake bDRF and earn interest.
Smart contract will show your interest (in bDRF), you can claim and use them freely.

How I stake the bDRF bond token?

See above.

Where can I see the current interest rate?

You can find all public information on our website, they are always public and transparent.
Last modified 8mo ago