Derify Protocol Documents
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What is the goal of Derify?

We aim to become a leading decentralized derivative trading protocol, and as an infrastructure, provide products and services to various project teams in the blockchain industry.

Who is the core team?

The core team of Derify includes experienced quantitative traders, blockchain engineers, and professional service providers in related fields.
The team members have provided over five years of quantitative trading and market-making services in the blockchain industry. We are important market makers for many centralized exchanges, and manage assets of thousands of bitcoins, providing liquidity for many different projects.
The team has mature experience in blockchain derivatives and trading. Our technical team has developed many blockchain projects and has rich experience in the development of public chains, smart contracts, and Layer-2 solutions.

Why do we provide Testnet?

Before the <ainnet goes live, the Testnet product mainly serves the purpose of product testing, open to users to help the development team discover product issues. After the Mainnet goes live, the Testnet will still exist, mainly playing the role of a simulation platform, allowing new users to experience the various functions of the product without directly investing real money.

How to better understand Derify?

Experience: Please refer to the Tutorial. *You can experience it for free on the Testnet.
Mechanism: Please read the Whitepaper and other documents provided below.
Formulas: For the principles and calculation formulas of various system data, please refer to the Dictionary.
Parameter Settings: You can find out parameters for different collaterals on the system parameter page
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