For the beta version, we prepare testing "USDT" for every user.
Click the "Faucet" button on the navigation bar, you can open faucet page:
The targeting address is your wallet address used for testing, click the "Get 100,000 Test USDT" button to receive testing USDT for beta testing (each wallet address can only claim it once).
Then you can click the "Get Test ETH" button to receive ETH (on Rinkeby testnet) that can be used as gas, follow the guide of Rinkeby websito receive the ETH (if you already have Rinkeby ETH, you can directly start testing).
Rinkeby requires you to make a tweet to get Rinkeby ETH. Click the tweet button.
Copy & paste your wallet address into the tweet.
Copy & paste your tweet address into Rinkeby's website and click "Give me ETH"
Just wait for Rinkeby to fund your ETH.
Last modified 27d ago
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