Derify Protocol Documents

$DRF Airdrop

I have participated in the Testnet event. Does Derify Lab record my address?

Spreadsheet of all address participated in the Testnet (including all Beta versions):

I am a new joiner from other DAO. Can I still get the $DRF airdrop if I participate in the Testnet now?

Unfortunately, no. The $DRF airdrop is only for users who participated in the Beta version, and the snapshot taken on 08/31/2022 24:00 UTC. Addresses participated in the Testnet after this timestamp will no longer be considered in the scope of the $DRF airdrop.

Will the Testnet disappear?

We will keep the Testnet Network as the trading simulation tool for future new users who want to try our product without any financial constraints.

What rules will $DRF airdrop follow?

There are over 46k test address on record, and it is not easy to design a feasible airdrop plan. After careful thinking and discussions with community users, Derify Lab will announce a set of airdrop proposals. The parameters involved in the proposal will be decided through community voting. The eDRF in your hand is the vote, and the vote will determine the outcome of the airdrop proposal.