Derify Protocol Documents


What's the goal of this project?

Our goal is to become a leading decentralized derivative trading exchange, also serve as infrastructure and liquidity provider for other DeFi projects.

Who is the core team?

Derify team consists of experienced quantitative-traders, blockchain engineers and professional service providers.
Our team has been providing quantitative trading and market making service for almost 5 years. We are top market maker for exchanges including Binance, Huobi, Okex, Mxc, providing liquidity for different cryptos and managing thousands of bitcoins. The team has profound knowledge of crypto derivatives and trading.
Our technical team has developed multiple blockchain projects in the past, with deep knowledge in public chains, smart contracts and layer 2 solutions.
Derify also has a decentralized operation team that working from Singapore, Hong Kong and North America.

Why we provide Testnet?

Before Mainnet launched, the Testnet is mainly responsible for product testing. It opens to users who help Derify Lab find out product bugs and problems. After Mainnet launched, the Testnet will still exist. It mainly plays the role of trading simulation, which allows new joiners to experience our product without investing in real money.