Basic Knowledge of Trading
Now you get the basic idea of derivatives, its time to know more about trading in Derify protocol.
  • Unlike trading on centralized exchanges, trading on Derify protocol does not use an orderbook - trades are filled instantly, there is no need for a counterparty to appear or paying a taker fee.
  • Unlike trading on centralized exchanges, because all transactions are filled and executed by smart contracts against the funds pool of the system, there's almost infinite liquidity on Derify protocol, there's no slippage, the price you get is the actual price you see.
  • Unlike trading on AMM swap pools like Uniswap, because of the innovative hAMM mechanism, trading on Derify protocol will not incur impermanent loss.
  • Like trading on centralized exchanges, transaction settlement can be slow during high time - we place all transactions are placed on EVM compatible chains (like Polygon and xDai), which is significantly faster than the Ethereum base layer.
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