Key Features

Lightning speed deposit/withdrawl

Connect your Metamask wallet (or any other wallet), then just start trading!
Under any circumstance, you can withdrawl all your assets by one block confirmation(on Ethereum).

High-performance with low gas fee

Real-time price calculation, transactions can be confirmed within 5 seconds.
Gas fees as low as $0.0001.

10x leverage

Traders can open long/short positions at anytime, up to 10x leverage.

Two-way position holding

Traders can hold long and short position at same time.
Traders can hold 1 long position and 1 short position at same time, multiple long positions or short positions will be merged.

Two-way position opening

Traders can open long and short positions with same price, same leverage, same amount, but with opposite directions. You can open two completely hedged positions for Position Mining, with zero deviation or slippage.
Opening two-way position is always free of Position Change Fees (PCF).

Zero slippage trading

The index you see is the actual price you trade.
We use index from Oracles directly, which is calculated as weighted average price excluding outliers. Placing order will never influence the closing price of a transaction and no slippage loss will ever occur.
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